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Mass Arrests in Hamburg, Germany as Fraud and Bribery in Cancer Therapy Disclosed…

• Bolen Report - by Karma Singh

From Germany – Opinion By Karma Singh

Following reports to the police by investigative journalists, on Tuesday 17th December 2019, 420 police and six state attorneys began searches of the premises of the pharmaceutical manufacturer, ZytoService in Hamburg as well as 47 other premises, including private houses, medical practises, pharmacies and one hospital.

This concerns the drugs for cancer "therapies" manufactured by ZytoService.

Because of the nature of these drugs, they can only be issued and administered by specialised pharmacies which, of course, creates a monopoly situation. It is this which ZytoService, according to police, used to defraud cancer sufferers in the Hamburg city area of an estimated 8.6 million Euros (approx. $9.5 million) since January 2017.

Many medical doctors received bribes, free "loans" and other expensive kickbacks for prescribing the ZytoService drugs rather than equivalents which are much, much cheaper.

Of course, it wasn't the patients themselves who paid for the drugs but their medical insurers. As each treatment can cost up to 100,000 Euros ($111,000) this, of course, has an effect upon everyone else's insurance premiums which, in Germany, are compulsory.

Such cancer treatments are known in the industry as "pharma gold" because an almost monopoly situation enables the unscrupulous to charge prices which may well be many hundreds of times their production costs.

How many of these $111,000 treatments a typical cancer sufferer will receive before they die is, at present, unknown to me. What is very obvious is that the $50,000 reported in my last article as being the typical "fee" per cancer death in 2006 has suffered a case of massive inflation:

Small wonder then that the pharma-cartel puts so much effort into and spends so much money on suppressing effective cancer therapies.

My personal opinion is that healing cancer rarely costs more than a few hundred dollars. In many cases, the necessary life-changes even show a profit on the investment so the healing cost is effectively zero! Some cases can be a little more expensive but more than four thousand dollars would be extremely rare.

The pharmaceutical cartel has nothing that it can offer in the way of proving that its methodology is effective.

In point of fact, the entire medico-pharmaceutical industry has NEVER been scientifically examined for suitability or effectiveness in health care.

As it would not stand up to scientific scrutiny, it has resorted to other methods to maintain it's pre-eminent position. These include bare-faced lying such as the claim to have eliminated smallpox and polio, propaganda making false claims about their products such as chemo-therapy, bribery as we have seen above and the purchase of politicians to have special laws made guaranteeing their profits and criminalising effective healing methods.