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Family sues TSA after 79-year-old man's $82,000 life savings were SEIZED at an airport...


A Pennsylvania man who kept his entire life savings in a Tupperware container is suing the federal government after the money - $82,373 in cash - was seized at an airport after DEA agents deemed it 'suspicious'.  

Terrence Rolin, 79, and his daughter Rebecca Brown are the lead plaintiffs in a federal class action lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Institute for Justice which accuses the Drug Enforcement Administration and Transportation Security Administration of 'treating American citizens like criminals' by seizing large amounts of cash from airline passengers without evidence of an underlying crime

Brown was visiting her father in Pittsburgh in August when he asked her to put his cash in a joint checking account.  

She was flying back home to Boston to do that when TSA and DEA agents at Pittsburgh International Airport noticed the large sum of cash and began questioning her. 

Brown said she had checked the TSA website beforehand to confirm that she could fly with that amount of money, and the site didn't say that anything would prohibit her from doing so.