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Climate-Kids' "Trump Is Endangering Our Future" Case Crushed By 9th Circuit Court

• by Tyler Durden

a US federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by 21 'climate kids' who claimed the U.S. government's climate policies and reliance on fossil fuels harms them, jeopardizes their future and violates their constitutional rights.

The Oregon-based youth advocacy group Our Children's Trust filed the lawsuit in 2015 in Eugene on behalf of the youngsters (aged between 8 and 18). It sought an injunction ordering the government to implement a plan to phase out fossil fuel emissions and draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide emission.

The Ninth Circuit ruled that the children must look to the political branches - Congress and the executive branch - for action, rather than the courts.

"The plaintiffs have made a compelling case that action is needed; it will be increasingly difficult in light of that record for the political branches to deny that climate change is occurring, that the government has had a role in causing it, and that our elected officials have a moral responsibility to seek solutions,"