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Woman Arrested In India For Hiding 3lbs Of Gold In Her Rectum... & Other Absurdities

• by Simon Black

Feds steal $80,000 life savings from a confused elderly man

79 year old Terry Rolin kept his entire life savings in cash at his home in Pittsburgh. Inside a tupperware food container, he had saved $82,373 over his life working as a railroad engineer.

When he started to become confused at times, he realized his mental health was in decline. So he gave the cash to his daughter Rebecca and asked her to open a joint bank account with him, to keep his money safe.

Rebecca had an early morning flight to catch with no time to visit a bank, so she took the cash with her after checking online and confirming that it is perfectly legal to carry large amounts of cash on an airplane.

But the TSA became suspicious after seeing the cash at a security checkpoint. They alerted the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The DEA agent intimidated Rebecca into calling her father to confirm the story. Awakened from sleep, he sounded confused–the whole reason for the joint account in the first place.