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Official: Iran Boasting Technologic Advancements in Satellite Making


"Iran has achieved the knowledge of building space engines; such engines were formerly built only by the US," Samimi said today.

He said the new achievement includes the design and development of various versions of "Arash space engine" the first sample of which was tested successfully late 2019.

Referring to the rapid developments of the country's space sector, Samimi noted that "space engines were not needed before because the Iranian satellites were put into the low orbit in the past; however, now that we are seeking to send satellites into the high orbit, we need such engines."

"Arash space engine will be put in the orbital transfer system to help thrust satellites from the low orbit into the high orbit."

In January 2019, the domestically-built Payam (Message) satellite was launched into space with an aim to collect environmental information; however, technical problems that occurred during the final stage of the launch prevented the spacecraft from reaching orbit.

Iran's indigenous satellite launch capabilities first made headlines when the first locally-built satellite, Omid (Hope), was launched in 2009.

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