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Minnesota Governor Boasts About Refugee Resettlement, Consequences be Damned

•, By Jose Nino

Diana Mary Sitek of American Thinker wrote a piece detailing Walz's grandstanding against President Donald Trump's executive order allowing localities to shape their own refugee policies.

Walz boasted, "The inn is not full in Minnesota."

To justify this program, Walz claims that refugees bring benefits to the state. However, he forgot to mention Somali welfare fraud and Somali unemployment, which was triple that of Minnesota's unemployment rate.

Sitek also notes that local Somalis prefer Sharia law, thus making them harder to integrate into Western society.

She believes that Somali refugees should go back to their countries, but the political class and interest groups pushing mass migration are impeding that. Churches are funded for "settling" the refugees.

Such refugee inflows have grown bureaucracy profoundly, as governments have to cater to these migrants who have low skills and aptitudes conducive towards assimilation. None of this comes free, as taxpayers have to fork over considerable money to resettle these refugees and provide them with public services.

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