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Another High-Profile Deplatforming Today; Bad People Cheer

•, By Tom Woods

Today I protested this latest example, knowing it would make me few friends.

Naturally, as night follows day, I received this (in addition to the usual low-IQ "Woods is evil" stuff):

dUh, ThEy ArE a PrIvAtE cOmPaNy!

The same obvious, boring, everyone-already-knows-that response.

Of course private companies are in principle free to behave as they wish.

And I am free to criticize them. Why is this so difficult even for libertarians to understand?

Would my opponents have said the same thing about Woolworth's segregated lunch counters? You'd better believe they would have criticized that private company.

So yes, it turns out that you are allowed to criticize a company's practices while acknowledging their right to conduct business as they wish.

(For the sake of argument I am leaving aside various state subsidies and interventions to various big tech companies, whether they should be classified as public utilities, and all the rest. Not my point right now.)