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A Win for Free Speech - Facebook Forced to Pay Large Fines to Italian Nationalist Parties It Banned

•, Eric Striker

In a rare victory for free speech in the West, Judge Stefania Garrisi found that Facebook had violated the rights of CasaPound in civil court in early December. Mark Zuckerberg's behemoth has not only been legally compelled to reactivate CasaPound's page (which has 100s of thousands of followers), but compensate them with 800 Euros for every day they were banned and pay their €15,000 in lawyer fees.

Roberto Fiore of Forza Nuova is hoping to get a similar ruling next week, in line with this precedent. 

In America, where dissidents have no practical free speech rights, people are banned every day from internet platforms with no reason given. There are few solutions to this problem since much of the cyber real estate online is run by a small group of monopolies and their oligarchic shareholders, who openly bribe US politicians and think-tanks on the left and right.