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NEWSFLASH: Measles is no big deal

• Natural News - Ethan Huff

(Natural News) If you listen to the mainstream media's endless fear-mongering, you'll be led to believe that measles was killing children left and right before mysterious miracle workers over at Big Pharma suddenly came up with a chemical injection to purportedly prevent its spread. But this is hardly an accurate portrayal of reality, as the measles mortality rate basically reached zero as a result of improved sanitation and hygiene protocols, not the introduction of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine.

Try as they might to convince us all otherwise, the pro-vaccine lobby is lying by declaring MMR to be the savior of mankind when it comes to measles mortality. Not only is the MMR vaccine medically useless when it comes to preventing rare instances of death from measles, but measles itself is hardly anything to worry about since it's not much different than chickenpox in terms of mortality risk.

It's important to remember that prior to the introduction of the first measles vaccine back in 1963, many parents actually held measles parties for the purpose of intentionally infecting their own children and their children's friends with measles all at once. While measles is uncomfortable to deal with just like chickenpox, contracting it and later getting over it confers permanent immunity, which is why many parents held these measles parties in the first place.

There was never a mass panic about measles like there is today, in other words. In fact, measles was openly joked about on old episodes of The Brady Bunch and The Flintstones because it was generally recognized and understood that measles is no big deal in the greater scheme of things. But fast-forward to today and it's nothing but the sky is falling! rhetoric being spewed by the corporate media and health "authorities" alike, which are trying to scare the public into vaccinating with MMR in order to prevent some measles "crisis" that doesn't actually exist, and probably never will.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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There are many differences between science and stupidity / lies. Perhaps one of the greatest is that the statements made by scientists can, in some well defined way, bemeasured. In view of that, how about taking any geographic area over a period of time and comparing the deaths from all forms of vaccinations, to the deaths from measles. Oh, and ask a mother of a child with autism, if she would prefer that her child be dead? But you will not do that. Because... ??

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