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Another U.S. Soldier Dies for Nothing in Afghanistan

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

"He died protecting our freedom." Or "He died for enduring freedom in Afghanistan." Or "He died doing his duty." Or "He died as a patriot."

Whatever they say, of course, will be a lie, just as the entire military escapade in Afghanistan has been based on lies from the beginning and still is. Those lies have been established beyond any doubt with the Washington Post's recent release of secret military documents that the Pentagon fought fiercely to keep secret from the American people.

I suppose they could say to his widow and children, "He died to protect lies." But that would seem pretty crass.

It seems to me that the most truthful statement would be, "He died for nothing."

Sure, that would be harsh, but at least it would be true. Isn't truth better than lies, even when it's harsh?