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Was General Patton MURDERED?


General Patton was left paralyzed from neck down after his Cadillac collided with a parked military truck at slow speed, he died in the hospital 12 days later 

All reports pertaining to the accident have mysteriously vanished from the National Archives and the Library of Congress, main figures and witnesses were never seen or heard from publicly after the incident

Circumstantial evidence points to an assassination plot led by the former director of the Office of Strategic Services (a precursor to the CIA); his name was General 'Wild Bill' Donovan

An ex- special ops WWII spy named Douglas Bazata confessed that he was ordered to kill Patton and make it look like an accident; Patton was poisoned in the hospital after he survived the crash

Many believe that the top brass wanted the controversial war horse dead after he vocally disagreed with post WWII foreign policy, particularly in the kowtowing of Stalin

General Eisenhower considered Patton a liability and public relations nightmare after he slapped a shell-shocked soldier in a hospital for being a 'coward'

Patton and his Third Army were responsible for successfully driving the Nazis out of France and liberating Paris after D-Day