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Humans Are Being Exposed to 44 TIMES More Chemicals in Plastics that Are Linked ...

•, Daily Mail

BPAs are toxins found in plastics, including water bottles and have been linked to disruption in the production of eggs and sperm 

The FDA says the levels in widely used products are generally 'safe'

However, the agency banned the use of these chemicals in baby bottles and sippy cups in 2012 

Now Washington State University research devised a new 'direct' way of testing human exposures to the chemicals 

They found they exceed the FDA's 'safe' levels by as much as 44-fold 

Humans are exposed to far more hormone-disrupting chemicals than previously thought, according to a new study. 

Patricia Hunt, the researcher at Washington State University who first discovered that BPA, a dangerous toxin in plastics, can cause cancer and other diseases and disorders, has now developed a more accurate method of measuring it. 

In a study published today, Dr Hunt reveals the new tool shows the 'safe' limit of BPA stipulated by the US Food and Drug Administration is flawed.