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AMAZING conversation between Alan Keyes and the Health Ranger released on video...

•, Mike Adams

Dr. Keyes recently invited me to join him for an interview, where we explored many of the most important topics of the modern era. This conversation is being called "AMAZING" by people who continue to text me and write me about the mind-expanding experience of listening to this. From my perspective, I always find it intellectually stimulating to be able to speak with people of very high intelligence who also have the moral courage to explore topics which are censored or even ridiculed by the anti-human elitists who control "establishment narratives."

The most notable thing I can say about Dr. Keyes is that he uplifts the people around him merely by his presence. Put another way, I am a "smarter" person when talking to Alan Keyes than when recording podcasts on my own. Alan Keyes is a real treasure for humanity, and his clarity of thought on nearly every subject is astonishing. If you've never heard Alan Keyes speak, you're in for a real treat.