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Trudeau, Macron And BoJo Caught On Hot Mic Laughing At Trump

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

At the beginning of the clip, Johnson can be heard inquiring about why Macron was late to a meeting earlier that day, when Trudeau butts in, exclaiming that Macron had to factor in a 40-minute diversion apparently caused by Trump.

The world leaders were joined by Princess Anne, the Queen's daughter, who naturally was invited to the Buckingham Palace reception where the footage was taken. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also appears to be in the scrum. At one point, Rutte can be heard laughing while saying "fake news media".

Though Trump's name isn't heard spoken, the subject of their gossipy little pow-wow is pretty clear. At one point, Trudeau can be heard telling his pals about how a certain leader's team members' jaws dropped when he launched into a rambling tangent during a press conference.

A loosened up Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, seen sipping from a glass of beer, could barely contain himself, gesturing wildly and shouting "You just watched his team's jaws drop to the floor!"

It's likely that Trudeau is referring to his joint press conference with President Trump, where the president veered wildly off-topic and answered questions about the burgeoning impeachment inquiry while lashing out at his democratic rivals.