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The Real Reasons Why the Left Are So Hysterical Over Guns

•, by Alex R. Knight

The Democratic Party has made gun control its #1 platform priority for the foreseeable future, with everything from bans and stricter licensing, to outright gun confiscation and an end to legal ownership on the table. They've even had help: Donald Trump pushed through a BATFE regulatory ban on bump stock accessories, and at the time of this writing, he has also floated the idea of banning already heavily federally-regulated suppressors.

The mantra drumming out from these bureaucratic parasites is that the number and frequency of mass shootings – along with more routine gun crime – is at a critical level. We've all heard by now, I think, the catchphrases such as, "No other civilized nation puts up with this," and "We are alone in failing to pass sensible gun legislation."

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Comment by Ed Price
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It seems that the left is promoting more guns. I mean, maybe they have stock in gun companies. Every time they want to bring in new gun-control legislation, there is a surge in gun-buying. In fact, the gun-surge hasn't stopped since the early Obama days.