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Subverting Vaccine Propaganda in Canada

• Vaxxter - By James Grundvig

By James Grundvig, Vaxxter contributor and Investigative reporter

One of the most daunting tasks for anyone who wants to learn about the risks of vaccines and vaccine injuries is to find reliable information. Sources that are science-based, grounded in fact, free from bias and not simply pro-vaccine propaganda is an arduous chore to find. Why? Considering we are living in the Digital Age, with more information at our fingertips than in all previous human history combined, it is a bit more than ironic that finding good vaccine data is so difficult.

One reason why it's so hard to find information online is the double-edged sword that the pharma cartel wields against dissenters. On one edge, Big Pharma clouds the truth with disinformation and labels those inquiring about problems associated with as "anti-vaxxers." On the other edge, vaccine manufacturers have created funnels taking their point of view to the top of Facebook search results. Google changed its algorithms to push the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) articles to the top of the first page while burying alternative views.

On December 10, YouTube plans to enforce its new terms of service which will allow the company to delete any account it deems to be "not commercially viable." Facebook took a more blatant censorship approach earlier this year. When users search for vaccine risk information, they are redirected to a CDC or WHO web page. Facebook has also created pop-up warnings to censor sites that post vaccine information that it deems to be is contrary to pro-vaccine dogma.

Naturally, Big Pharma deploys other tools to place muzzles on what it believes are inquisitors and anti-vax insurgents. Pharma controls mainstream media and TV news narratives with oceans of advertising dollars. Pharma pays medical experts to make sure their mainstream views are primary and reportedly hires internet trolls to delete posts written in the comments section of articles and blogs that challenge distorted, one-sided information that disparages vaccine activists who challenge pro-vaccine dogma.

Pharma's other hardball tactics include:

Holding focus groups and using the information to help write healthcare and vaccine bills for bought politicians at both the state and federal levels.

Lobbying all elected officials at the state and federal levels, spending more than $1B each year to buy the results they are seeking.

Influencing advisory committees of the captured agencies, such as the CDC and FDA.

Holding pediatricians hostage by paying a bonus of $400 per child if 63% of the children in their practice have been fully vaccinated by two years of age with all doses of the 10 vaccines in the pediatric schedule. Here's the table; you can learn more by going here. 

Unless vaccine reactions impact a person or a member of their family directly, most Americans have no idea they were stripped of their right to informed consent. With their injury, they became a cog in the global vaccine agenda: to create customers for life for pharma. Some of those side effects include ADD, ADHD, asthma, allergies, eczema, seizure disorders, autoimmune diseases, narcolepsy, primary ovarian failure, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and yes, autism