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Step Right Up & Win a Bitcoin: Write the Best Synopsis of Last 3 Months of Essays

•, Patrick Byrne

Here is how to enter:

Read the 29 stories below;

By December 18 2019, write the smartest synopsis / explanation you can write, posting it here as a comment to this essay, with the words "MY ENTRY" at the top

Please use the submission form below

(entries must not exceed 250 words, and will be chopped at 251);

I will come up with a Social Choice mechanism to choose the best entry. Maybe I will winnow them down, then run Twitter polls to select a winner. Maybe I will find some voting mechanism to use within this website. But I will come up with some way for the public select the truth as soon as Wednesday, December 18, is over.

The winner will be sent 1 Bitcoin.

Best of luck,


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