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Your Guide to a World on Fire

•, by James Corbett

So, in case you're looking to get up to speed, here's your handy-dandy guide to what's happening around the world today. (In alphabetical order, no less!)


Here's a riddle for you: When is a foreign-backed, militarily imposed coup d'état not a foreign-backed, militarily imposed coup d'état? I'm sure you already know the answer: When the US wants it to happen.

Just ask the people of Bolivia. If you read the MSM headlies . . . errr, headlines . . . you'd be given to believe that "Bolivian Leader Evo Morales [Has] Step[ped] Down." According to this New York Times-approved mockingbird repeater narrative, the long-time Bolivian president "stepped down" this week amid "unrelenting protests by an infuriated population that accused him of undermining democracy to extend his rule."