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Don Cherry FIRED! - WHY People Have HAD ENOUGH Of Cancel Culture!

• WAM -- Josh Sigurdson - Dan Dicks

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the firing of hockey sportscaster Don Cherry following a statement he made on poppies where he used the words "you people". With a small population of people who get outraged by everything, cancel culture is becoming more and more destructive and in many ways is just alienating the vast majority of people and making people afraid to speak. This will lead to the opposite reaction. This will actually create extreme reactions on both sides causing further divide. Cherry says he stands by what he said and meant it and that he does not wish to stoop to the level of being a robot as a sportscaster.

There is already a petition with hundreds of thousands of people calling for Don Cherry to be rehired as host of the Coach's Corner segment of Hockey Night In Canada. What does this story mean for the rest of us?

What does it mean for the future of Canada? What does it mean for speech and the spread of free information?

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