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Steven Crowder shares 'chilling' YouTube behavior during Gabbard's fight against Clinton

• By Douglas Ernst

The conservative YouTuber risked his 4.18 million-strong channel by directly taking on the social media giant's meddling in news cycles.

At issue were search results around the world for Ms. Gabbard, the Hawaii Democrat who is vying to become the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nominee, and claims by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that she is a "favorite" with "the Russians," who are grooming her to run a spoiler third-party candidacy.

"We decided to again, while Tulsi Gabbard was in the spotlight, run some comparative searches on YouTube," Mr. Crowder said Tuesday. "When we set our VPN … to a non-United States country and we searched for Tulsi Gabbard [on Friday], her channel and the videos from her channel all showed up first. Yet, again, when we switched our searches to the United States, however, nothing. Exclusively in the United States, the country in which she is currently running for president, you would receive no results from Tulsi Gabbard's channel or her videos until scrolling past the first page."