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With Impeachment Crumbling, a Third Plot Emerges to Remove Trump

• The Common Sense Show - Dave Hodges

Dave Hodges is a former mental health therapist. He underwent the training in ethics and professional protocols associated with diagnostics and subsequent treatment. The three so-called experts in mental health are testifying before the impeachment committee next week regarding the President's mental health status. This is impossible to determine without an extensive in-person analysis. In fact one fo the witnesses said further analysis is not needed. This is the most incredulous and unprofessional statement that could be made. 

The following broadcast discusses how the left is setting up to unveil a 3rd plot, removing the President through mental defect under the 25th Amendment provision of disability. This may be the most unethical application of diagnostics in the history of mental health in America. This is the dawn of Soviet style "Political Schizophrenia".

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