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ALERT! Bill Literally Turns US Into The United Nations New World Order!


There is now a bill presented to the United States Congress titled "H.R.1111 – Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2019″. The details of this bill, the words in the bill, the laws set up in the bill should never, EVER appeared on American soil. This brings a United Nations style of government to the US. As a matter of fact the United Nations is sited numerous times as to how this 'peacebuilding force' goes live and active. It all starts with the indoctrination of our children in a new school system that trains them to be effective little tattle-tales so they can help the new government find 'undesirables' and establish 'law and order' in a freakishly 'peaceful' society. No, this isn't a George Orwell book, this is much, much too strong for that. This is a message YOU ABSOLUTELY cannot afford to miss, this is real life patriots…the Republic is calling you, are you listening!?