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What's REALLY Behind the Civil Unrest in Chile?

• The Organic Prepper By J. G. Martinez D.

I am going to do a special effort to avoid giving this article a political twist. Despite being the world geopolitics the main responsible behind the fire that consumes Santiago, the Chilean capital.

One of my friends there is not responding since last Friday 18, in any social media. We don´t know what has happened to him. However, some other people have reported that the level of violence has been something out of any measurable scale. The level of the organization they have is AWESOME. (I´ve seen quite a few videos that are NOT in YT, trust me, circulating in other social media, too graphic to describe or publish) of the terrorists (I refuse to call them protestors).

This is by itself already extremely concerning. The turmoil in 1989 known as "El Caracazo" corresponded exactly with this scheme. They tried to make it look like "a popular uprising against an oppressive system that was starving the poor people"…but trust me, nor in Chile nor in Peru there is a lack of food, thank God. Chile has one of the higher per capita incomes of the entire region. Maybe some level of discomfort because of the price increase in public transport was to be expected; but after seeing foreigners responsible for the massacre in Venezuela mocking of what had happened, saying that "it was just a breeze, now wait for the hurricane"…Come on, people. It´s on the wall. They have their hands in this Chilean thing down to the shoulder.

Some of the things happening in Chile don't make sense.

Someone is organizing those vagrants. There is someone behind providing drugs. Weapons. Someone telling when to attack what. This is not a spontaneous protest. I am just a civilian, and I can feel and smell the military tactics in every target destroyed. I watched videos where, in a coordinated way, 9 guys surround a car – 3 each side, 2 behind, one in front. Why just one? Because he will have space to get off the way if the driver takes off and tries to run him over, the most predictable course of action. I watched another one from Ecuador, where someone is filming JUST BEHIND a young man that gets a shot in the middle of the forehead. At the exact minute. It´s a miracle that a second bullet, (following shot, it´s called? couldn´t say, I'm no shooter) did not hit the guy filming. Too many coincidences. All of the assault teams with their faces covered. Santiago had plenty of time without this kind of turmoil. This was an explosion, a totally unexpected reaction.

There´s something happening, and in our modern, complex world we can´t rest assured things are unrelated. Attacks to refineries and oil production facilities, 3 in a few days. Iran barking loud. This extremely out of place violence in one of the most developed economies of South America.

The situation is as follows:

-No supermarkets open. Those few opening, have long rows in front.

-The building of one of the bigger cell companies, Entel, was burned to the ground.

-Open fights within LEOs and terrorists.

-Very scarce traffic of personal vehicles (of course, no one is going to risk a gang burn his/her car)

-No train or metro

-The situation is worst presented with all the lootings and turmoil after the earthquake in 2010. Go figure.

-The authorities seem not to have all the parts of the picture to know who is really generating the problems.

-The main suspects are anarchist groups and criminals.

-The next November it´s planned the APEC meeting. With the Russian and Chinese presidents…go figure. What a coincidence, isn´t it?

-Curfew in Santiago, from 22 PM up to 7 AM

-Declared Emergency State. (Exceptional measures)

-3 deceased in a fire in the city of San Bernardo.

-11 more killed in Santiago.

-Santiago airport collapsed by flight cancellation.

I-nterestingly, gas stations are working in normal conditions.

-UberX and DIDI, show a human face after the destruction of public transport, offering a 30% discount fee that won´t affect the drivers´ income.

-Most of the protestors are quite young. It´s very likely that many of them are being manipulated, while other groups much more prepared and organized are mainly responsible for the destruction of public property.

-The website of their Transport Board is hacked. A message asking for the resignation of pres. Piñera is released.

-Before the worst of the turmoil, some aggressive actions had been taken against the metro workforce crew. Unbelievable.

-There are "ecologist" groups looking to prosecute Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro because of the fires in the Amazonian forest…initiated by unknown criminals. Remember, Bolsonaro was one of the right-wing politicians with a very strong position against the Venezuelan-Cuban mafia.