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The Democracy Deception Part 2 - What's The Alternative?

• Press for Truth

Democracy is the deception that we are somehow progressing just because we vote when really, democracy is just another version of communism. And like any communist state, the erosion begins with the family. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the various pros and cons of what may someday replace democracy but more importantly how traditional morals, standards and values need to make a strong come back before we can ever achieve a libertarian/anarchist utopia.

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Comment by Ed Price
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In a Democracy, it is majority rule. The majority is ruler over the minority slaves. In a large society (like the USA) the majority gives their decisions to a small group to be implemented by them. Of course, even if the small group were honest (the President, Congress, and the Judicial), they couldn't implement the rules of the majority correctly, because members of the majority all have a different idea about how they want the rules implemented. This means that the small group does whatever it wants - a Dictatorship by Group. --- The reason the small group hasn't made formal slaves of all of us is, we don't live in a Democracy. We live in a libertarian society, with the local jury as our REAL government when necessary. Otherwise we are free.