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BOJO GOGO Boris Johnson's frantic fight to win over 30 Tory and Labour rebels...

•, Alex Matthews Natasha Clark

BORIS Johnson is embarking on a 24-hour charm offensive today to sell his "great new" Brexit deal to Tories and Labour rebels.

The PM faces a frantic race against time ahead of Saturday's showdown in the Commons, after the DUP vowed to vote down his agreement and begged Tory MPs to stand with them.

The PM will spend the day hammering the phones to MPs in a last-ditch attempt to push his Brexit plans over the line tomorrow.

He needs a handful of ex-Tory MPs, hardline Tories and Labour Leavers to back him in order to seal Brexit's fate.

It comes as:

A fresh plot emerged from Rebel Tories to force Boris Johnson to seek an extension tonight - even if his vote passes

Labour Remainers are set to make a decision today on whether to push a plan for a second referendum

EU leaders left the door open to a third Brexit extension if the deal gets thrown out

DUP MPs started piling on the pressure to Eurosceptic MPs to join them in opposing the deal

The Court of Appeal judges chucked out a case against Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Brexit - who argued that his deal was illegal

The PM needs the support of Labour Brexiteers - with 10 ready to enrage Jeremy Corbyn by pushing the deal through, the Huffington Post reports.