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Colorado: Pro-Immigration and Open Borders Advocate Killed by Illegal Alien with a Criminal History

•, Gateway Pundit

Ramirez Valiente swerved outside of his lane and struck Buchanan, who was riding a motorcycle. Ramirez Valiente has been charged with reckless driving, as his license was revoked due to a DUI in 2018. Just eight months ago, the illegal alien sought sanctuary from a Colorado Springs Unitarian church to avoid deportation. Ramirez Valiente was also arrested for reckless endangerment in 2011 and domestic violence in 2016. A district attorney dismissed both charges.

pen borders advocate and Trump-hater Sean Buchanan was killed last week by criminal illegal alien Ramirez Valiente.

Buchanan, a father of five, was killed when Valiente, who was driving without a license, swerved into his lane and killed him.

Sean Buchanan was a critic of President Trump and his immigration policies.