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Take a BIG guess why most flu shots are free

• Natural News by: S D Wells

If not, that's probably because you get the flu shot every year, and your cognitive abilities are very limited, due to the high mercury levels secretly dosed in nearly every influenza vaccine doled out. As part of an ongoing effort to keep Americans stupid enough to believe in the mass media narratives, regularly taking toxic prescription medications, and continually consuming processed, mind-numbing "food stuff" like canola oil, flu shots are one of the most insidious "injections" of the sick care complex – and that is why they're free!

For starters, it's a scientific fact that once you get a flu shot, you're more susceptible to contracting the influenza virus the following year, and a worsened case of it at that. That's because the flu shot contains genetically modified viral strains and 25,000 times more mercury than the EPA themselves tell you to avoid when consuming fish and water. Oops. No flu shot has ever been proven to be safe or effective in clinical trials either. In fact, the warning label on the flu vaccine insert informs you that if you've ever received a flu vaccine, that you should not get another one. Still, the CDC pushes the masses to get their free flu shot anyhow, even when they guess the wrong strains, year in and year out, like they did this year already.

Just like polio, most people who come down with the flu are the very people who got the vaccine. That's because the vaccine contains live virus strains that are only weakened by formaldehyde, another deadly contaminant the CDC excuses as necessary for manufacturing purposes. The parasites and pathogens, in other words, are just hibernating in your muscle tissue, and once they "come back to life," they are contagious, especially the first two weeks after getting injected.

That means every child at daycare and elementary school and middle and high school who gets the free flu shot heightens the chances of their peers contracting the flu from the very "herd" of animals (their friends) that the CDC claims is safer than the non-vaccinated kids. Oh, the irony of the narrative.