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The ATF's Definition of an AR-15 Lower as a 'Firearm' Is In Serious Trouble


First, credit where it's due. CNN's Scott Glover has managed to turn out an excellent article about a fairly arcane aspect of guns and firearms law while getting the details right. That's a notable feat for legacy media these days. Read the whole thing here. With that out of the way, the criminal prosecution - aborted though it was - that Glover has written about is worthy of note and could make the ATF's job of regulating AR-15 sales going forward extremely difficult. CNN's article is titled, He sold illegal AR-15s. Feds agreed to let him go free to avoid hurting gun control efforts. Here are the particulars. A Southern California man named Joseph Roh produced 80% AR-15 lowers and complete rifles, some of which he allegedly sold without a manufacturer's license, and some allegedly to prohibited persons. At least a few of the guns he sold were used in crimes including an 80% lower that was used as the basis for a rifle build used in a 2013 spree shooting in Santa