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Monkeys are strapped into metal harnesses while cats and dogs are left bleeding and dying -

• by Ross Ibbetson

Animal rights activists claim to have filmed at the laboratory close to Hamburg

Monkeys are locked into metal collars and appear to have developed neuroses

A beagle can be seen bleeding in its cage after one of the experiments

According to experts toxicity testing involves poisoning and can result in death


Monkeys are strapped into metal harnesses, while cats and dogs are left bleeding and dying in footage which animal rights activists claim was filmed at a German toxicology laboratory.

The German animal activist organisation Soko Tierschutz together with Cruelty Free International say the alleged abuse took place at LPT Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology in Mienenbuttel, on the outskirts of Hamburg.

Photos show macaques strapped to metal brackets in rows on the wall, others have their heads in restraints and are shown desperately trying to escape, while a beagle appears to bleed profusely in cramped cells.

An undercover activist got a job at the research facility from December 2018 to March 2019, and says he witnessed testing on beagles, monkeys, cats and rabbits, carried out for companies throughout the world.