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Voice AI systems will be 'everywhere' and 'phones will disappear in 10 years'

•, ByLucy Domachowski

Voice AI systems will be everywhere around us within the next decade, meaning we only have to speak to get what we want, an AI expert has claimed.

Entrepreneur, author and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk has claimed we will soon live in a world without phones or the need to type a single thing as the AI systems come in.

Speaking at the World Congress on Information Technology in Yerevan, Armenia this morning, Vaynerchuk claimed humans will only have to speak to an AI that is "everywhere" around us to get what we want.

The American-Belarusian told the Congress: "AI driven voice devices in our homes has emerged and grown in the last 24 months.

"I believe over the next decade, when you look at how muchof what we do today through a phone, will be done through audio and voice.