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Spotlight: Israel denies 19 Palestinian communities in Jordan Valleys of using water

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Abu Al-Kbash lives in Homsa community in the Jordan Valley, which is considered a hot point in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Jordan Valley, which covers approximately one third of the West Bank area, is considered highly strategic and fertile area.

Palestinians have repeatedly complained about intensified Israeli settlement activity and land confiscation in hope of applying Israeli sovereignty over it.

Abu Al-Kbash told Xinhua that some 19 Palestinian communities in the area are banned from using water wells by the Israeli army, which is turning their lives to hell.

He explained that he needs about 10 cups of water daily during winter while 14-15 cups during summer.

Abu Al-Kbash's 40-member family earns its living from agriculture and herding, but have recently been forced to plant summer produce that requires less water due to the restrictions.