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SELCO: Hunger vs. Habit (and How It Affects Your Performance in Survival Situations)


Having enough food stored is an important topic in prepping, but we fail to go deeper into the topics of food and hunger because of the way of modern living today.

What does it actually mean to "be hungry?"

Well, again, because of the habits that most of us have today being hungry usually means that we are hungry if we do not consume something all the time.

So it is many of those "snacks" in-between our regular meals, or in other words, we are used to eating something much more often than we need.

How many times you find yourself eating out of habit, or because you are bored, or simply because you "have to do something with yourself" so you simply snack on something.

That "oh I have to eat something or I will go crazy" is more often coming from your brain-not from your stomach.  To put it more precisely it is not a need, it is a habit. Are you really hungry or you need just temporary (false) jump of happiness?

All this may sound and look completely irrelevant for the topic of preparedness, but it is actually very important.

You need to figure out how your body works concerning the intake (or absence) of food and different quantities and qualities of food.

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What can you endure?

We can talk here a lot about how long the human body can live without food, but that is not really the important topic. The real question is how well you can perform without proper food intake.

In short, you can do A LOT without food, or without proper food, but you need to figure out what kind of food (and drink) is really important for survival, and what that does to your performance.

For example, most of the students on courses act like they will not survive without a morning coffee, or without snacks all the time, so it becomes a matter of "survival" if the student did not take his morning coffee because somehow all of the sudden he can not do anything.

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