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CEO Of Danske's Estonian Branch Mysteriously Disappears As Fraud Scandal Intensifies

• by Tyler Durden

Estonian police couldn't identify the missing person by their full name to reporters after reports about a banking executive being arrested surfaced early Monday morning. But after Rehe's siblings reached out, police confirmed that he is indeed the missing executive, which he placed her on the

Rehe left his home in greater Tallinn at about 10 a.m. local time wearing a black jogging suit to take a few laps around the school, from which he supposedly appointed.

The kidnapping comes as Danske tries to untangle itself from a money laundering scandal, in which it alleged that billions of dollars in suspicious funds flowed from banks within the former Soviet Union into the West through open the tiny Estonian branch.

Below is commentary from Denmark's Jyske Bank's as Danske ventures into the lower accounts, lowers Negative Rates on Deposits.

Jyske Bank said on Friday people with more than $111,100 in their bank accounts will be charged more for their deposits as it seeks to pass on some of the costs of recent rate cuts by the European and Danish warned not to pull central bank's reach were regarding a near-fear recession in-session.