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Russia Cements Arctic Dominance, Deploys Impenetrable Missile Defences...

•, Tyler Durden

Russia, China, and the US are all racing towards the Arctic region, trying to establish their military dominance in part of the world where $35 trillion worth of national resources could be hiding underneath the ocean floor. Now Russia is dashing its way into the Arctic, announcing on Monday that new missile defense systems have been deployed to the region.

The Russian Northern Fleet said the new S-400 Triumph system had been installed on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arctic.

"The air defense regiment of the Russian Northern Fleet deployed on Yuzhny island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago has been completely reequipped with new S-400 systems," the statement reads.

The surface to air-missile regiment of the Northern Fleet's air defense forces has been equipped with S-400s, which is considered the most advanced missile defense systems in the world and can hit enemy targets at up to 248 miles.

On Wednesday morning, Directorate for the Russian Federation State Border Arrangement told the Krasnoyarsk news agency NGS24, that a large radar station will be built at Cape Chelyuskin, which is about 800 or so miles east of where the S-400s are stationed.

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