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Technically Speaking, Bitcoin Ripe for Major Move: Which Way?

•, by Mish

I have no position in Bitcoin and I doubt that changes although I do not rule out a token amount in certain circumstances.

That said, I do find the technology fascinating and I occasionally look at charts.

One can find bullish or bearish interpretations of the charts.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what they mean, if indeed anything at all.

Maybe nothing happens for three more months, at which point an even bigger move will be implied.

For all this "Bitcoin for the masses nonsense" mostly the wealthy will buy it or trade it.

I wish that was not true, but the concentration of "Bitcoin Whales" and volatility suggest otherwise.

"Bitcoin Thursday" Coming

Bitcoin is a free market construct so I do not root against it no matter how obnoxious many of the Bitcoin promoters are.