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Mother, 28, reveals her seven-year-old son with eczema went from looking...


A mother whose son's eczema was so severe people thought he was a burns victim claims a £4.50 ($5.55) 'miracle' cream cleared his skin in just two weeks.

Michelle Ellis' seven-year-old Lucas developed the painful skin condition on his face when he was just three weeks old, with it later spreading over his entire body.

Now seven, the youngster's red raw sores would become infected, with him often waking covered in blood from a night of scratching.

Lucas, from Wells in Somerset, was even unable to attend school for three weeks when the inflamed skin on his legs made it too painful to walk.

After years of dermatologist appointments and countless prescribed creams, Miss Ellis, 28, was at her wits' end.

It was then a relative recommended she try a baby moisturiser from the skincare range Childs Farm.  

Sceptical, Miss Ellis was amazed when Lucas' skin started to improve after just two days and cleared within two weeks. He has been eczema-free for the past year.