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AI Expert Says We Are Summoning Robot "Entities" Who Will Treat Us Like Ants

• by Paul Joseph Watson

AI expert Geordie Rose says that tech developers are summoning "entities" into existence which will have the same indifference to humans as we have towards ants.

"They not gonna be like us, they're gonna be aliens…they're gonna be way smarter than every single person in this room in ways that we can't even comprehend," said Rose.

He then mentioned Elon Musk's concerns about artificial intelligence taking over humanity, but cautioned that the word "demons" doesn't even capture the true scope of what will happen.

The CEO of Kindred AI (worth $100 million) who currently sell the only quantum computers available, talks about how they're summoning entities that are indifferent, much like The Great Old One's in H.P Lovecraft's fiction novels

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