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Saga of NY Times'

• by David Martosko

Authors of Times article about Justice Brett Kavanaugh say newspaper's editors deleted information that undercut the latest allegation against him

Story described a drunken Yale University party decades ago where a classmate reportedly pushed Kavanaugh's naked genitals into a young woman's hand

The Times issued a correction, saying that the woman in question has told friends she has no recollection of it ever happening 

The reporters, who are not political journalists, say their story originally included that fact, drawn from a book they're promoting, but editors deleted it

Source of allegation was a Kavanaugh classmate and former Bill Clinton attorney; FBI met with his 'intermediaries' in 2018 and declined to proceed

Co-author of the Times story was also a classmate and the daughter of a Ms. Magazine founding editor

President Donald Trump has called on everyone involved in the Times saga to resign from the newspaper