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Nobody Told Me And They Didn't Tell You Either

•, By Bill Sardi

So, today's health question is: what does a guy do when his prostate gland starts acting up?

Most men only like to talk about four things….. sports, cars, girls, money… But as they age another unwelcome topic enters the discussion – – – prostate problems.  The problem started much earlier in life, but nobody told me, or you, so we could head it off.

I never heard from a doctor that my prostate gland was inevitably going to harden enough to impinge on my urethra at the bottom neck of my bladder and make it difficult for me to urinate.   And at night, as the prostate gland hardens, it makes men feel like their bladder is full when it isn't.  So, we continually get out of bed to take a pee.  But our doctors just let it all happen so it comes without warning.   In the back of many men's minds they ask: "Is this never going to go away?"  "Oh, THIS is what they mean by old age?"  Hey, but I'm only 49! (I'm actually 74).