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New files 'prove' that the FBI covered up the identity of DB Cooper:


Investigator Thomas J Colbert identified Robert Rackstraw, 75, a military vet with a murky past riddled by fraud and con-artistry, as DB Cooper last year

Now Colbert claims the FBI knew Rackstraw was DB Cooper but were involved in a scheme to 'conceal, suppress and fabricate' evidence in the cold case 

Rackstraw died in July of natural causes, potentially taking with him the answers of what really happened on that fateful winter's afternoon

FBI released secret dossiers following his death which reveal they believed Rackstraw to be 'fully capable' of carrying out the daring hijacking

The infamous DB Cooper hijacked a plane in 1971, demanded $200k and then parachuted from it with the cash and became the longest unsolved skyjacking 

Colbert says that senior executives in James Comey's administration 'discretely shipped off the Cooper file to a locked archive' when an independent team found the smoking gun evidence

He claims that Comey's executives declined to see DNA evidence in the case, and also had at least three media stories pulled from air