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We Shouldn't be Surprised the Mainstream Left is 'NeverTulsi'

•, By Tobias Hoonhout

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes tweeted in July what, at surface level, seems an obvious point: 'If I were the DNC, I would be spending a lot of money learning basically everything I could about 2012 Obama voters who didn't vote in 2016.'

Considering how much Hayes and others on the mainstream left have invested into debunking the current administration, there's no surprise that, when the rubber meets the road, the Democrats let their collective hatred of Trump cloud their political judgement.

Look no further than their treatment of Tulsi Gabbard.

While only 10 candidates made the cut for the Thursday's third Democratic debate, Gabbard, who is currently polling nationally above the debate cutoff — and qualified participants Julián Castro and Amy Klobuchar — remains left out in the cold by the DNC.