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Just Like JFK, Trump Has Put His Life At Risk for Firing the Wrong Person

• by Dave Hodges

It's a simple concept, JFK bucks the presumed and official authority of Alan Dulles. He not only goes against Dulles foreign policy initiatives, as CIA Director, JFK actually had the intestinal fortitude to fire him and publicly disgrace him and expose the 1960's version of the Deep State. This will prove to be a major coffin in JFK's coffin.

Unfortunately, we are seeing President Trump proceed down the same path and we will link a past assassination with a potential assassination here on the CSS. 

What Researchers Say About JFK Assassination and Dulles' Role

There isn't any serious disagreement among authors such as Jim Douglass' JFK and the Unspeakable, of E. Howard Hunt's deathbed confession, or David Talbot's book The Devil's Chessboard.

Jon Schwarz adds to the notion of the need to drain the swamp as he says The Devil's Chessboard confirms that "your darkest suspicions about how the world operates are likely an underestimate. There is an unreachable Deep State group of unelected bankers, and intelligence and military officials who form an American 'deep state,' as they set absolute limits on political power and "deal" with elected representatives who deviate from the script!