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The REAL reason why you shouldn't eat fried foods: It triggers cancer cells


(Natural News) People who are watching their weight often avoid fried foods because of their high calorie count, but there's a far more compelling reason that everyone should steer clear of such foods: Research shows they can trigger cancer cells.

The problem arises when the vegetable oil that is used for frying food is later reheated to fry other foods. The study, which appeared in Cancer Prevention Research, found that mice with breast cancer who consumed reheated cooking oil had a sharp rise in metastatic lung tumor formation.

The mice had been fed a low-fat diet for a week prior to being given the oils. Soybean oil was used in the study because it's one of the most popular choices for frying food in the restaurant industry.

Twenty days after being injected with tumor cells, the mice who had eaten the reheated oil noted a metastatic tumor growth rate that was four times higher than those who ate fresh oil. They also had twice as many lung tumors, and their tumors were more invasive and aggressive than those who consumed fresh oil.