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Father Told "You Are Irrelevant To The Medical Care of Your Child" on IRREVERSIBLE Hormone

• Press For Truth

Trial is underway at a BC appeals court where a father is desperately trying to do what's best for his child. As his lawyer pointed out in court today his daughter was born a girl, her birth certificate identified the child as female, she was given a female name at birth and the child has XX chromosomes….all of which are indisputable facts! Despite that the father has been charged with family violence for using the correct pronoun as apposed to the child's desired male pronoun and he has been threatened with arrest if he continues to refer to his daughter as a she, a her or a girl. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Angelina Ireland about this ongoing case, the current state of parental rights in Canada and more importantly what people can do to support fathers like this who are suffering at the violent arm of the state.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Yet another article showing conservatives & "freedom advocates" only care about people like themselves. IN this case “It’s a case about freedom of speech and the freedom to parent,” Carey Linde, the father’s lawyer, told the Guardian. Saying his client isn't opposed to the child’s transition from female to male – but argues that too little is known about the effects of hormone treatment for the decision to be made by a minor. We will just ignore the child who has identified as a boy for at least 3 years, has had therapy and already made one suicide attempt. Were the father successful, & the next suicide attempt succeeded, I'm sure the father would say something like "Well at least he died a girl and not a pervert" Given the fathers' conservative nature, I guess the girl would've come out earlier but didn't because of her fathers attitude. go to page 15