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6 Reasons for Preppers to Stock Precious Metals


With the current state of the world—the fear of a near return of Cold War politics, concerns over the actions of extremist zealots and worries over increasing natural disasters—many people are beginning to worry for the future of both our country and the world, and they're starting to prepare themselves for the very worst.

If you relate with the stories of fellow preppers and their wants to secure protection for the future, you should begin considering certain types of investments. In particular, one of the most useful investments you can store alongside your preps is precious metals such as coins, jewelry, and silver made of both gold and silver. Not sure how or why these precious metals can benefit you in the event of global or regional catastrophe? Here are five key reasons to consider:

Money Makes Civilization Go 'Round

First and foremost, you should be certain to stockpile some spare money along with all of your partitioned goods—i.e., to be unbanked. The provided benefit to being prepared in this way is that you will have money on hand without having to worry about whether your bank—or any digital transaction system—has survived whatever doomsday has hit your corner of planet Earth. Furthermore, it's in your best interest to have money nearby in case it is unsafe for you to leave your home for some time. The best options available for you is to stock up on a variety of cash and precious metal items—precious, and even rugged, coins, bullion bars, and gold jewelry.

You might think that cash is the better option here, as you can store large wads of bills with ease, but that cash might not fair well in the long run—as considered in points (2) and (3).