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FBI and IRS raid homes of the United Auto Workers president and former president...

•, By Ralph R. Ortega

Investigators are probing into bribes, kickbacks and attempts by auto executives to influence labor negotiations with the UAW, a person with knowledge about the raids told 

Nine people currently face charges because of the investigation and another eight are already serving time in prison linked to a scandal that alleged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles wined and dined labor officials and lavished them with gifts, including $1,000 French shoes, in exchange for concessions in a union labor pact.  

In the raids staged on Wednesday, federal agents armed with search warrants showed up at Jones' home in Canton, a suburb of Detroit, and Williams' home in Corona, California, the person said

Williams' home, which is about 50 miles outside of Los Angeles, was purchased in January for $610,000, according to property records, reports the Detroit News.