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Paul Craig Rogerts, Mike Adams, Lisa Haven, and Dave Hodges...

•, by Dave Hodges

For example, Mike Adams and Lisa Haven, both individuals I have interviewed in the past two weeks, had a joint discussion on the likelihood of mass incarceration with the accompanying genocidal events. It is interesting that Mike Adams has broached this subject at all because he is primarily a medical researcher who has gone to great lengths to expose the fraud and excessive greed of Big Pharma. However, even Mike cannot ignore what is going on. He continues to dispense information with his "health ranger" hat on, but he, along with terrific researchers, Lisa Haven, are covering the ongoing Bolshevik revolution against our government and mostly against our culture.

In the course of human events, when a movement goes dark and becomes deadly, it follows a predictable pattern. Various stages of civil disobedience are introduced. Revolution, both violent and nonviolent occurs, and the ruling regime is toppled. There will be opposition and the subsequently, the opposition must be dealt with. Lisa, Mike and now myself, see the current America for what it is.