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Moment a grandma accidentally eats her grandson's CANNABIS edibles leaving her giggling...


A grandmother took an unexpected trip after accidentally eating some of her grandson's pot brownies. 

In the video shared on WorldStarHipHop, the grandmother is seen sitting in a leather recliner a bit disoriented.

The woman begins to reach for her drink in the cup holder, but midway draws back her hand and begins to sing.  

Dissolving into a fit of giggle, she manages to grab the glass with two hands and slowly take a sip. 

Near the end, she begins to croon incoherently, swaying in circles and finishing off the drink with a congratulatory clap. 

Making sound effects all the while, the hilarious ordeal takes nearly a minute to complete. 

The video, posted on August 13, has garnered over 190,000 views.

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