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SWAT Raids Innocent Family, Shoots 12yo Boy in Bed, Covers Up Body Cam--Lawsuit


Chicago, IL — In their effort to go after people for possessing and selling substances deemed illegal by the state, US law enforcement personnel will lay waste to anyone in their path. As TFTP has reported time and again, even innocent children, including sleeping babies, are not exempt from the terror and violence doled out by the American Drug Warriors. A 12-year-old boy in Illinois learned this the hard way recently after cops shot him and shattered his knee cap during a fruitless raid to make a drug arrest.

On the night of May 26, 2019, Amir Worship was sitting on the edge of his brother's bed when SWAT cops burst into their family's home and began deploying flash bang grenades and holding everyone at gunpoint. According to a lawsuit filed in Illinois state court this month, Amir had his hands up when a cop shot him in the knee cap. Amir is now left permanently disabled.

Police were executing a search warrant for Amir's mother's boyfriend, Mitchell Thurman. Thurman was arrested that night, but the criminal case against him was later dropped — meaning the entire violent ordeal that left a 12-year-old child shot and permanently disabled was for nothing.

According to the lawsuit, a SWAT team officer shot Worship in his bedroom after the room had been secured "and long after it was obvious that a 12-year-old child posed no threat."

"In fact, 12-year-old Amir was shot, shot while sitting on the edge of the bed with his hands up," the lawsuit says. "An officer shot him with his assault rifle, striking him in the knee and shattering his knee cap. At that moment, this officer was pointing his rifle directly at shirtless Amir as he sat on the edge of his brother's bed."

Adding to the unscrupulous nature of the raid is that according to the lawsuit, after the officer exploded the 12-year-old boy's knee cap, he covered his body camera and put black tape over his badge number as not to be identified.

The Worship family's attorney, Al Hofeld, Jr., told Reason Magazine that the police departments denied records requests for body camera footage from the incident.

"Amir will never be able to play sports again," the suit says. "This part of his childhood has been taken from him forever. He will never again experience the sheer physical joy of walking or running normally."

During a press conference last week, Amir's mother Crystal Worship fought back tears as she noted how that night changed their lives forever. "It will never be the same," she said.

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