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The Hard Truth

•, by Chris Martenson

It's very easy to get sucked into the mini dramas playing out across our digital screens.

Trump Tweeted this while the stock market did that. Uh oh! Somebody's experiencing something awful, or having a stroke of great fortune. Hey, look: Kittens!

Watching CNN often feels like the inept product of a university committee that sought to create a program of sensitivity training for adult sufferers of acute ADHD. After just five minutes you know what it's like to be trapped in a brain that's distracted part way through every thought pattern and cannot maintain enough attention to form a coherent sequitur.

However, if we set these entirely useless distractions aside it's quite apparent that something big is going on. And it's not positive.

It's a complex story with lots of moving pieces and it takes a bit of effort to puzzle it all out, but more and more people are arriving at the same conclusion; something is going to break.

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